The Meaning of 'Plicatus'

Plicatus is a Latin word, English translation: folding, folded, repeat an action a number of times or repetitions. Used with numbers, to denote the multiplication or increase in numeric progression, doubling, tripling, four folding etc., anything progressively increasing the initial unit, which is the way we expect Plicatus will develop with the participation and help of all. Think of the word, ‘Multiplication.’


What is Plicatus?

Plicatus is an open and interactive non-commercial platform for all those interested in the fundamental problems and needs of our "Planet Earth". It provides users with a basic structure - in principle similar to other social networks - a series of tools with which they can create and maintain their own social community within the platform providing themselves all the content that they create, conveniently, as well as interconnecting with how many users they want.




Who are the users of Plicatus?

a. Non-profit Organizations (NPOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and associations or societies engaged in humanitarian and/or community activities

b. Private persons who, within their life schemes, assign special meaning to solidarity, responsibility and social commitment, and wish to find like-minded people around the world to share interests, values, initiatives and other passions.

c. Socially Responsible Companies (SRP) that make an active, voluntary contributions to improve the social environment, and that base their vision and commitment on policies, programs, decision-making and actions that benefit their business and positively affect people, the environment and the communities in which they operate, beyond their obligations.


The Aim of Plicatus

Based on relevant social issues, with active participation by all users, this multifunctional platform has as its aim to redefine the term of “Economy and Social Affairs” to provide society with new, qualitative incentives for the development of a GLOBAL SOCIAL; CULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS FOR THE 21st CENTURY

For purposes of:

a. Strengthening respect for human rights and basic freedoms.

b. Fully developing human personality and dignity.

c. Promoting understanding, tolerance, sexual equality, and friendship among peoples of different racial, social, ethnic, religious and linguistic groups.

d. Facilitating effective participation of all persons in free, democratic societies where the rule of law prevails.

e. Fostering peace.

f. Promoting environmental care and biodiversity.


What topics focuses Plicatus?

Plicatus focuses on the following themes, which are in turn the categories on which the structure of this community is based: Age care and older People, Agriculture & Food, Animal Health & Rights, Anti-corruption, Art & Craft, Children & Youth, Climate Change, Communications & Media, Culture & Heritage, Development Related Issues, Disability, Disaster Management & Aid, Education, Economy, Environmental Issues, Family, Financial Affairs, Health & Nutrition, Homelessness & Slums, Human Rights, Labor & Social Affairs, LGBT Equality & Support Migration Issues & Integration, Minorities & Indigenous People, Narcotics Drugs & Crime, Peace & Security, Political Affairs, Poverty Removal, Refugees & Settlements, Relief Services, Religion & Spirituality, Science & Technology, Self-Improvement, Social Initiatives, Sports & Recreation, Technical Assistance, Terrorism, Veterans, Women's Status & Issues

What operational facilities do we offer?

a. In principle, all the facilities and features known from other community networks on the internet; maintenance of personal profiles and all connections desired; posting of videos; talking online or via email; publishing photos and albums; forming groups; making use of our forum and maintaining your own blog. Additionally, we offer 'Job Board', 'Initiative Pages’, ‘Crowdfunding’ (Investments and Donations) and an ‘Advertising Board

What advantages do we offer?

To "Organizations (NPOs & NGOs)"

a) Depending on specific activities, greater and more dedicated exposure on the Internet with all its advantages

b) Integration in a medium with a well-defined affinity, so capitalizing on synergies generated by like bodies.

c) Contact with, and direct access to, many private persons who understand and support similar humanitarian and social activities and initiatives.

d) Using Plicatus at no cost to organize specific donation campaigns.

e) The opportunity to display advertisements of any kind free of charge.

f) Free use of our Internet Job Board and direct contact with those registered on Plicatus, from whom one expects more affinity and interest.

2) To Private Persons

a) A sitewhose special features can be shared with anyone with similar interests worldwide. We do not wish the site to become so single minded as to exclude more trivial aspects of life, which can lead to higher aspirations.

b) To those seeking new opportunities, an ideal frame in which, by participation, they detail their personal qualifications and social commitments.

c) Through 'Crowd Funding,' a possible source of investment in Start-Ups and commercial activities with social and environmental connections.

3) To Socially Responsible Enterprises (SRE)

a) An efficient framework in which to promote the social activities of your own community.

b) The possibility of free publication of all kinds of adverts.

c) Make use of our "Job Exchange" with direct contact with all people registered on the platform from which a much more definite interest can be assumed.

d) Through 'Crowd Funding,' a possible source of investment in Start-Ups and commercial activities with social and environmental connections.

Plicatus is not

a) A direct source of information of any kind and does not itself organize or promote any particular activity.

b) Affiliated or specifically related to any religious, political, philosophical or other similarly dedicated groups.

c) Directly or indirectly any third party´s source for any data you have submitted; nor will it ever disclose any information entrusted through the participation in this platform and will never claim ownership of any materials you have published.

d) For-profit, being privately funded in its first phase of implementation; it only aims to sustain the maintenance of this Site in the future through some kind of commercial advertising yet to be defined.

How to collaborate with Plicatus development to the common benefit.

Plicatus is a platform realized in three languages, comprised of three existing virtual organizations: Plicatus EN (English), Plicatus ES (Spanish) and Plicatus DE (German), each of them based in 39 categories.

For each of these categories there exists a Group with the same name and with the addendum “Prime Users” Any organization or Private Person having a professional dedicated relationship with one of these categories may apply to be a member of this particular group. Plicatus shall also invite directly recognized personalities and professionals within these categories to participate in these “Prime Users” groups.

From such people, we hope for more active and specialized participation to promote quality input to the categories concerned.

Finally, any participant who wishes to, and can, spread this Social Community is welcome to do so. Registers in the current Beta Phase of this project will receive a PIONEER badge