a) Plicatus is a Latin word and the translation in Spanish would be "multiplied by", usually with a numerical prefix.
b) Repeat an action a number of times — used with numbers, mainly in the composition, to denote the multiplication or increase in geometric progression, duplication, tripling, quadruplication etc., of anything that allegorically is the way we expect Plicatus to develop with the participation and collaboration of all users
c) Plicatus is also a plant better known as “Winter Bells” which has turned into our icon
We live at a true historical turning point, given that a world that has been defined by repetition, is substituted by another defined by its opposite, change. Change has always been present in the world, but the change we see today is transforming the way we live, work and interact, at a speed and scale difficult to test.

Globalization and technological innovation connect us instantaneously and by breaking down barriers allows us all to take part and each of us to contribute to the world and act in collaboration with others with no geographical limits. We are living in a historic moment, in which anyone can create substantial change. The demand for repetitive work has been and continues to decrease exponentially. People learned a skill and repeated it for life in a fixed and permanent workplace.

No doubt this is all history. Today, the value comes from contributing and adapting to new technologies and in a world where everything changes; be an actor in it to take part or become a victim of technological marginalization.
A large proportion of the world 's population has learned to contribute and adapt to this new situation, and to become effective members of open and constantly developing teams, which is how this new reality is organized. This part of humanity is doing very well. But unfortunately, the other sector of society does not have the skills needed to take part in this new scenario that consequently worsens every year as changes speed up.

Therefore, the crack of "these against those" is spreading rapidly throughout the world. Therefore, the strategic focus and the most urgent task is, therefore, to help all people realize the new reality and understand how we can all contribute and be taking part actors, promoting an entrepreneurial culture and social innovation.
In this way, we will all be able to work together to counteract this new inequality and improve how this new world is being designed. We must all become fully developed human beings with an inclination to improve the world, live for the common good, and cooperate with others to progress. We must all exercise new skills and for this empathy, teamwork, and entrepreneurship are the keys to success.

Basically, we want to help people see the world from another point of view so they can fully take part in this new paradigm and become leaders of change. This requires transforming the way we educate our children and young people and the way we function within and between our organizations and institutions, for example, by creating and activating networks to generate fundamental changes in the experience of growth so that everyone can take part in this transformation.
It is here where this network intends with the participation of all its users to contribute significantly to the common good, and to their own personal enrichment.
Global challenges such as poverty, climate change and economic inequality require jointly coordinated solutions. No individual actor can master all these challenges by himself. Its implementation will require a global partnership with the contributions of each of its actors.
Through the popularity and dynamics offered by social networks Plicatus offers a platform in order to inspire and motivate all those people who, although having a solitary and positive attitude towards the environment and the environment do not get involved in any Community activity defined by lack of incentives and closer and more attractive opportunities.

Plicatus offers the tools and means necessary to generate innovative ideas of cooperation between organizations, institutions, socially responsible companies and the private sector in order to create or publish projects and ventures of all kinds that contribute tangible contributions, which, although modest, have valuable scopes.

In particular, we assign special interest to projects with social impact that are self-sustaining, or that alternatively can be harmonized with specific sectors of the economy in such a way that they are functional and attractive according to market schemes.

At the service of all those who want to make our world a healthier, more humane, fairer, and more equitable place, a network of intelligent multitasking liaison in order to spread and empower its actions and projects within a framework consistent with the following proposals

1) End poverty in all its forms throughout the world
2) End hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture
3) Ensure a healthy life and promote well-being for all at all ages
4) Ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
5) Achieve gender equality and empower to all women and girls
6) Ensure the availability of water and its sustainable management and sanitation for all
7) Ensure access to affordable, safe energy, sustainable and modern for all
8) Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
9) Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation
10) Reduce inequality in and between countries
11) Ensure that cities and human settlements are inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
12) Ensure sustainable consumption and production modalities
13) Take urgent measures to combat climate change and its effects
14) Conserve and use in sustainable way oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development
15) Promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, fight desertification, stop and reverse land degradation and curb the loss of biological diversity
16) Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, facilitate the Access to justice for all and create effective, responsible and inclusive institutions at all levels
a)Any organization, association, foundation, group or institution of the public and private sector whose purpose is not exclusively the pursuit of an economic benefit, but mainly pursues a social, altruistic, humanitarian, artistic, cultural and / or community purpose and that, through their activities, in whatever order they are, contribute to social development and welfare

b) All socially responsible company (ESR) that has an active and voluntary contribution to improve the social environment, and that bases its vision and commitment on policies, programs, decision-making and actions that benefit your business and that positively affect people, the environment and the communities in which it operates, beyond its obligations, as well as all that company that begins to give s First steps in this direction and I would like to find a congruent scope that accompanies these objectives.

c) All those private persons to whom the concept of individual social responsibility (RSI), which a person has before the impacts that their actions and decisions have on their social, work, economic and environmental environment is not unknown and are aware of that all change, transformation or development begins with the change of oneself and their commitment to society.
Plicatus focuses on the following topics that are in turn the categories where the structure of this community is based, and they are:

Agriculture and Food — Anti-Corruption — Art & Crafts — Humanitarian Assistance — Technical Assistance — Development Issues & Projects — Family Issues — Financial Issues — Labour & Social Issues — Political Issues — Personal Self-Improvement — Climate Change — Science & Technology — Women's Gender Issues — Culture & Historical Heritage — Rights Humans — Disability & Disability — Drugs & Criminality — Economy — Education — Poverty Eradication — Disaster and Relief Management — Gender Equality — Social Initiatives — Media — Migration & Integration — Minorities & Native Peoples — Children and Youth — Peace & Social Security — Environmental Protection — Animal Protection — Recreation n & Sports — Refugees & Settlements — Religion & Spirituality — Health & Nutrition — Homeless & Slums — Senior — Terrorism — Veterans.
a) Have a select audience, focused on humanistic and social issues to explore new forms of communication and action
b)Promote through this remarkable interest a more widespread dissemination and deep activities and digital presence, thus reaching new receivers and collaborators

c) Share common spaces with those who have compatible activities in order to generate operational synergy.
d) Have tools and applications adapted to specific needs to solve a greater and more efficient deployment of activities,
e) Be an active part of a creative and inspiring environment to develop new concepts and innovative ideas with the support of the community.

f) Enable the task, through co-participation, of optimizing human, financial, logistic or administrative resources.
g) Explore new ways to develop and solve projects and ventures
h) Have the ideal space and the tools necessary for the creation and start-up of self-sustaining social projects
i) Being a participant in a social exchange platform for young people and adults that, in turn, of having defined characteristics offers a place of communication of interesting and interesting multiple interests.

j) Encourage and promote citizen participation in any common good project.
k) Use our job board in direct contact with the people registered on the platform from which a more specific affinity can be assumed.
l) For private persons we can emphasize that non-governmental organizations and institutions are considered internationally as a very prominent nucleus in terms of the employment offer, This community offers those who are looking for new opportunities an ideal framework for liaison and exposure where They can leave their best personal recommendations regarding their qualifications and social commitment with their participation in the system.

m) Promote the exchange of knowledge and information among users in the different fields of action through our Blog.
n) Make use of the possibility of publishing non-commercial ads according to their activities on the Portal.
o) Be in direct connection with your employees and collaborators within your community, functioning almost as an Intranet network if you implement it.
First, Plicatus offers everyone a completely free platform for this type of socio-environmental activities in which we focus.

You can create and maintain your own social community or maintain your Personal Profile, have and maintain All the connections you want, publish videos, announce Events, hold online or email talks with whomever you wish, publish your photos and albums, put together groups of all kinds, start discussions with individuals or with defined groups.

In addition to this, Plicatus offers: “Job Board”, “Project Pages”, “Personal Blog”.
Plicatus is not a generator or direct source of information of any species nor a promoter of any specific activity. Plicatus does not have any affinity or direct or indirect relationship, whether Religious, Political, Philosophical or of any other nature, Plicatus is not directly or indirectly provider of data to third parties entrusted to it through participation in this platform, Plicatus He will never reveal any information about you and will never claim ownership of any material that you have published.

Plicatus does not pursue profit and has been and is privately funded in its first phase of realization and only aims to sustain the maintenance of this platform in the future through some type of commercial advertising still to be defined.
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